Fraser & Triton Subs: Two 1,000m rated units sold

Clearly testifying to the growing desire of yacht owners to explore further afield than the latest fashionable anchorage, Fraser and Triton Submarines have announced the sale of two new 1000m Triton 3300/3 Submersibles. The submersibles are the sixth and seventh deliveries of this hull model from Triton’s Florida-based manufacturing facility, and the fifth and sixth Tritons constructed in the last 12-months.

Liz Howard and Jan Jaap Minnema of Fraser represented the buyer in the purchase, with the latter commenting: “This sale highlights the strength and diversity of the Fraser team worldwide. With Liz in San Diego, Triton in Florida and myself in Monaco we have had a flawless operation in obtaining exactly what the client wanted.

With two subs he has the pleasure of diving together with many family members and friends, while in the same time the safety and redundancy is doubled!” Fraser has a long-standing history of collaboration with Triton, L. Bruce Jones, (CEO Triton Submarines) commented: “We are delighted to have a customer that has purchased two Triton 3300/3s– the ability to interact with another submersible underwater provides a fascinating and compelling experience.” Triton is the only contemporary manufacturer of transparent-hulled personal submersibles to deliver vessels capable of diving to 3,300’ (1,000m) and the team are steadfastly introducing a new generation of yacht owners to the deep, greatly enhancing the superyacht ownership experience.

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