SANLORENZO Partnership for Owner Finance

During the recent Yachts Miami Beach Show, Sanlorenzo announced an enhanced partnership with expert marine financing solutions provider LH-Finance. In March 2016, Sanlorenzo and LH-Finance had already announced a new partnership in retail and inventory financing, but by taking this partnership to the next level, Sanlorenzo is making a statement that they now have a strong preferred financial partner at their side to achieve their growth targets in North America.

Sanlorenzo Americas President and CEO George Jousma said, “We have a unique approach of “tailor-made” yachts which allows for the Sanlorenzo brand to be one-of- a-kind in that the yachts are created and customized for each individual yacht owner. We share that passion with our finance partner, LH-Finance who bring their expertise and competitiveness to best meet the needs of our clients.” Hervé Bonnet, president and CEO of LH-Finance, added, “We are delighted to work hand-in-hand with such a prestigious brand as Sanlorenzo and be able to provide state-of-the-art inventory financing and custom-made retail financing solutions that match the very high expectations of the luxury yacht market.”

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