GLIDER YACHTS SS18: Daring to be Different

Introducing Glider Yachts, ultra-high speed luxury superyacht manufacturer that dares to be different and its game changing debutant, the SS18

Glider Yachts SS18

The benefits of wave-piercing hulls have been known for some time, but Glider Yachts is exploring the extreme to offer the ultimate in performance, efficiency, comfort of ride and sea-keeping abilities.

Those passionate about stunning individuality, unsurpassed speed and efficiency in performance will be intrigued by the ultra-modern debut from British shipyard Glider Yachts. Their first launch, the SS18, is a vessel that redefines what we think of yacht engineering and they believe it is the future of luxury yachting across the world’s seas.

Gliders are at the forefront of yachting technology and design and use futuristic techniques more akin to Formula One and private jets, allowing Gliders to pierce straight through waves and glide over them rather than slam from wave to wave like conventional sports yachts. The innovative hull form allows Gliders to literally glide through the waves in extraordinary comfort, faster, further and in worse sea states than conventional yachts.

Hence they are able to reach more destinations, seek out the best weather, avoid being delayed due to poor sea conditions and be able to do all of this in considerable comfort and style. The brain-child of lifelong sailor and commercial yacht captain, Robert McCall, the Glider design was inspired by a wave piercing vessel he captained in the Caribbean.

The project was then developed, tested and assessed with significant investment and cutting-edge technologies over an eight-year period by its Managing Director and Chief Designer. Glider Yachts’ unique approach has been fully validated by several of the worlds’ leading naval architects and designers. “The SS18 is truly a game changer.

With unparalleled technology and design it provides an incredibly exhilarating journey at ultra-high speeds. You can travel to your destination without spilling a drop of champagne. Its shallow draft means that you can access out of reach bays and beach landings” said Robert McCall, Managing Director, Glider Yachts.

Glider Yachts SS18

Designed for ultra-high net worth individuals who demand the best of the best, Glider Yachts have exquisite finishes and the yard tells us their owners can customize their own bespoke handcrafted masterpiece that is truly personal to them without any compromises. The team has set out to produce what they consider to be the most luxurious high performance sports boat in the world, and the Glider SS18 certainly exemplifies a quintessentially British style, which dares to be different.

The Gliders incorporate proprietary technology too, including. The advanced SCS (Stability Control System)–offering a smooth gliding sensation to the ride even at speeds of up to 56-knots. The result is a powerful yacht that offers minimum noise levels, no vibration and a ride that is not only exhilarating, but comfortable at cruising at high speeds.

Glider Yachts SS18

The SD18, prototype of the SS18, has been purpose-built to showcase the technological capabilities that define Glider Yachts’ three ranges and the first will have its official debut at London on Water in May 2017 and the yacht will also be featured at Miami International Boat Show in February, followed by Monaco in September 2017. Robert McCall said: “Glider Yachts is bringing a new dimension in high speed luxury to the superyacht world.

The SS18 opens up unprecedented cruising opportunities making a range of destinations within easy reach–a trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi could be done in just over 40-minutes, Monaco to Saint Tropez can be reached in under 50-minutes, with Miami to Bahamas in just 45 minutes.”

Glider Yachts SS18

Glider Yachts is a young start-up and is actively seeking major round investment to fund development of its range that stretches from from 60’ up to 260’ (18 to 80m). This next phase of investment will allow Glider to go into production of the SS18 and the Limousine, followed by the sports superyachts from 144’ to 260’ (35 to 80m). The next yacht to be built in the Glider range is the luxury sport limousine (SL24), carrying twelve passengers and two crew reaching design speeds of up to 60-knots. The further range of luxury sports superyachts are also planned to enter build late 2017 to early 2018.

Robert McCall, Managing Director of Glider Yachts, finished our introduction by saying: “The SS18 is unlike any other yacht seen in the market to date, with unparalleled design and technological capabilities; we’re absolutely thrilled with the awe-inspiring results and can’t wait to show her and the rest of the stunning Glider range off at all the leading yacht shows around the world.” London headquartered Glider Yachts has a clear mission to make its mark in the yachting world and to deliver a more cost-effective and ultimately more comfortable, efficient and sustainable way of navigating our oceans. Potential buyers or investors can find more information at

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