AERE DOCKING SOLUTIONS: The First Line of Defense

Initially founded in 1998 as PRAKTEK, Inc., a company focused on developing and implementing ‘practical technology’ products, the AERÉ Marine Group is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida. Now renowned worldwide for their innovative marine products, in 2014, the company re-branded into three distinct product divisions; AERÉ Docking Solutions, AERÉ Fire Solutions and AERÉ Marina Solutions.

AERÉ Docking Solutions features the company’s signature product lines and, being leaders in the field, it was natural that NMS’s deck experts recommended them for inclusion. There’s no doubting that for discerning owners and crew, AERÉ Inflatable Fenders, Fenda-Sox Fender Covers or AERÉ Inflatable Docks are amongst the equipment list on their yacht.

AERÉ Inflatable Fenders are the premier fender product of the yachting industry and NMS only have great things to report about them. There are over 40 sizes and types of AERÉ Inflatable fenders, so they’re able to protect any size or type of vessel, from yacht to chase boat or tender. Demonstrating the company’s innovative ethos and the durability of their products, they have also recently introduced new solid EVA foam fenders as an extreme solution for any rough or commercial docking situation.

Ensuring their great fenders look the part, AERÉ ‘s Fenda-Sox Fender Covers made in a proprietary marine knit fabric and their Fenda-Sox NEO Covers are produced for all fender product lines in their South Florida facility. Fenda-Sox covers are available in 10 standard colors, with NEO covers in Black and Navy only. Full embroidery service is also available on any Fenda-Sox or NEO fender cover to customize them with your yacht’s name or logo.
Finally, addressing the increasing number of toys that yachts currently carry, AERÉ Inflatable Docks and Platforms include Jet Ski docks and inflatable Work Platforms for vessel and/or marina use. Their custom inflatable stern protection systems are also available through NMS who will collaborate on the design of a solution to perfectly address your requirements. For the first and last line of defense, it can only be AERÉ.


AERE Docking Solutions

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