OPACMARE NEW S.A.F.E: Hi-low Platform

J&J Design and Opacmare developed a new stern platform system which could become indispensable for any outboard power boat.

What does it do?

Provides SAFE and CONVENIENT water access on outboard-powered boats.

What is its impact on boating?

S.A.F.E.® is and important improvement in safety and boating experience – in the most representative and promising boating segment.


• Fastest growing and possibly most important boating market worldwide is fun/entertainment/bathing program

• Outboard engines (up to 627 HP each!) are predominant and growing, sterndrives (I/O) are dying out


Outboard-powered boats have no SAFE (propellers!) and CONVENIENT water access.


S.A.F.E.® Hi-Low Lifting Platform for outboard powered boats.

How does it work?

S.A.F.E.® creates a private full-beam beach/private island on the transom of the boat adjusted to 3 levels by a new design of electro-hydraulic lifting mechanism:

  • LOW: when the boat is at the anchor, the platform upper face is appr. 10 cm under water level
  • RIDE: when the boat is sailing the platform is leveled with the cockpit
  • HIGH: to allow the engine to be trimmed out of the water

SAFE is synchronized with the outboard trim system of main outboard engines makes:

  • When the platform is underwater the engines cannot be started
  • When the engines are running the platform cannot be lowered
  • When the platform is in HIGH configuration, the engines can be trimmed up


  • Single / Double / Triple / Quad engines
  • Monohull / Catamaran
  • For boats up to 50ft

S.A.F.E.® Features and Benefits

  • Complete safety from propeller danger.
  • Easy water access: children and elderly come easy in and out of the water without the need of a bathing ladder
  • Easy and safe dock access on high position: platform on level with the floating pontoon
  • Small tender and water toys can be easily lifted out of the water
  • Deck area increased over 30%
  • Private island area at the stern
  • Stabilization of boat at rest with the platform in the lower position
  • Better protection of outboard engines during docking
  • Improved sport-fishing ability: walk-around on the stern
  • Joystick maneuvering preserved
  • Desk access steps integrated with the stem (self-adjusting)
  • Emergency kick-up function preserved by a dedicated hatch in the platform
  • Prop cleaning or replacement easy through a dedicated hatch in the platform
  • Smartphone remote activation


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