Octopod: time with legs… and mystery

MB&F + L’Epée 1839 Octopod continues MB&F's exploration of aquatic themes with an eight-leg, eight-day clock inspired by cephalopods, marine chronometers and The Abyss – blending contemporary design with kinetic sculpture and a transparent bubble filled with precision horology. Conceived by MB&F and built by Switzerland's premier clock maker, L’Epée 1839, Octopod stands or [...]

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PLAYING AROUND with FunAir at MYS 2017

FunAir traditionally inflate the Fun each year at Monaco Yacht Show and launch something new to the superyacht toy market. This year they will be showcasing the new FunAir Playground and Junior BigAir Blob. A redesign of a firm family favourite, the FunAir Playground has a slide, climbing frame and leaving off point for [...]

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In the closing months of 2016 two events provided an important indicator of the growing influence of women in the high-end watch sector and the redressing of a situation that is well past time. Firstly, the Shangri-La at the Shard London hosted the first exclusively female-focused awards ceremony in the history of horology in [...]

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Cast Away Nimmo Bay redefined the term ‘fly fishing’ with their pioneering heli fly-fishing resort in British Columbia, and has since developed into a remote luxury wilderness resort that offers some of the most unique experiences on earth in a pristine and breathtaking environment. It is here that US Presidents touch-down to fish virgin [...]

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THE GULFSTREAM G280: Sleek, smart and swift

The Gulfstream G280 has established itself as the super-midsize class leader in performance and economy. A newly designed long, sleek wing and high-thrust engines increase range and speed, yet fuel economy is so well maximized the G280 has earned best-in-class fuel efficiency. David Zara found out more while flying the aircraft in Savannah, Georgia. [...]

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DE GRISOGONO makes you shine

It is in Porto Cervo, a favorite home base for Fawaz Gruosi, as the creative director celebrates his 65th birthday, that de GRISOGONO has chosen to unveil its new treasures. One-of-a-kind creations representing authentic de GRISOGONO style signatures, whose brilliance and radiance symbolise the success, the magnetism, the seductive charm, the luxury and the [...]

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ISLAND COMPANY RUM: The Ultra-Premium Rum

Since the 16th century sailing and the spirit of rum have been closely blended by the ocean’s waves. While, unlike the British Navy of 1650, we may not recommend a full pint as daily ration, when reaching for a refreshing tincture Island Company Rum is our tipple of choice. An ultra-premium rum it certainly [...]

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