Northrop & Johnson is delighted to welcome Anthony Rendall to its international team of brokers. Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker Anthony Rendall spent part of his youth in Singapore and Hong Kong. After graduating from Paris University, he moved to Great Britain to work in logistics. Throughout his land-based career, Anthony worked for a variety of luxury companies, including Chanel and [...]

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MASSIMO CICIRELLO joins Merle Wood & Associates

Merle Wood & Associates appointed Massimo Cicirello as a new sales broker, based in Europe. Hailing from Italy, Massimo has been rooted in yachting since a young age, and still carries this passion with him today. As the newest sales broker to join Merle Wood & Associates, Massimo draws upon his experience of having overseen [...]

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Carlo Riva 1922-2017

When a stone is dropped into a still lake, the ripples emanating out from the epicenter spread endlessly in 360-degrees, and, as during his life, Carlo Riva and his beloved hometown of Sarnico, Italy, generated waves of emotion throughout the yachting industry on the morning of 10th April when the sad news [...]

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