OPACMARE NEW S.A.F.E: Hi-low Platform

J&J Design and Opacmare developed a new stern platform system which could become indispensable for any outboard power boat. What does it do? Provides SAFE and CONVENIENT water access on outboard-powered boats. What is its impact on boating? S.A.F.E.® is and important improvement in safety and boating experience - in the most representative and [...]

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YACHT PROTECTOR: Remote Control Your Boat

With 10,000 systems installed on 180 brands, Tacht Controller is the key to wireless control of a yacht while docking and maneuvering. The flawless proven security and dual band dependability of Yacht Controller allows yacht operators to confidently control the movement of their yachts from anywhere on board with absolute precision. What’s in your [...]

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Dramatic night displays are now de rigueur for tenders and yachts of all sizes, so this latest Lumintec full-color RGB SeaBlazeX Spectrum lights us up! Spectrum delivers two to three times the ‘dollar per lumen’ value, great reliability, quality, and support. However, Spectrum goes even further, with nearly infinite color output options and user-selectable [...]

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YACHT ORGANISER: Wash Down, Clean Up

Maybe it’s that touch of OCD in us that makes Yacht Organiser products so exciting, but for a simple, fast and effective solution to organizing your yacht wash-down lockers and cleaning stations there’s nothing quite like them. Designed and tailored specifically for the yachting industry, the Yacht Organiser systems allow products to be stored [...]

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TRICOFLEX HOSE: Protect and Serve

Tricoflex Hose, the megayacht’s favorite water and deck hose has just got even better! Tricoflex’s nylon cover is designed to eliminate those telltale scuff marks on finely painted surfaces from hose movement onboard, and thus the ensuing polishing and buffing. Through our cordage division we have created the ideal solution, not only have the [...]

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LIFE SUPPORT: The Recovery Shot

It’s not unheard of for a little overindulgence to occur during time aboard, but nobody wants to lose a precious morning to the excesses of the night before. Enter the Life Support Recovery Shot. Combining the clinically proven Japanese raisin tree fruit with B and C Vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and 190mg of caffeine, [...]

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MINIPACK AMERICA: Intelligent Vacuum Sealer

Taking away the guesswork from identifying the age and contents of long forgotten produce, the Minipack MVS XP Series chamber vacuum sealers are cleverly equipped with an integrated label printer. Smart design, easy to use controls, a self- diagnostic system, customizable programming, strong performance, and low maintenance make these machines the preferred sealers for [...]

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IGUANA: The Ultimate Amphibian

Having watched the Iguana amphibious craft develop over the years from an intriguing concept to one of the most thrilling, complete and versatile performance tenders has been a true privilege. Now gracing the garage of some of the world’s most prestigious yachts, Iguana’s innovative tracked boats are equally at home on land and sea. [...]

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FLYDIVE X-BOARD: Pump Action Adrenaline

Airsports are currently the hottest craze and no charter yacht worth its stripes can afford not to offer something in their portfolio. While several brands exist offering a growing variety of toys, NMS’s experts believe Flydive’s X-Board offers fantastic value for money. The X-Board’s lower foot-to-bearing height and wider stance also provides maximum stability [...]

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FREESTYLE SLIDES: Inflatable Fun For All

We’ve featured Freestyle Slides several times over the years and one of the most innovative companies in the inflatable sector just keeps continuing to amaze us. From yachts through theme parks, to even the prestigious Monaco Yacht Club, Freestyle’s fun-packed slides and accessories are omnipresent around the yachting scene. From custom builds and personalized [...]

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