Got your Sealegs? THE Amphibious RIB

Got your Sealegs? THE Amphibious RIB An essential consideration for any serious yacht, especially expedition and exploration yachts. Sealegs is the missing link between land and water that those who explore remote regions have been seeking since creation. The company produces a range of amphibious craft that marry a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) with [...]

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DigiGone: Remote Tele-Diagnosis and treatment

Digigone's remote telemedicine services provide real-time medical access for crew and guests. When hours or days away from the nearest medical facility, an emergency can become a matter of life or death.  Digigone brings a remote doctor to you. A winner of the 2015 Thuraya Product Development Awards, remote digital communications specialist DigiGone has [...]

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Fraser & Triton Subs: Two 1,000m rated units sold

Clearly testifying to the growing desire of yacht owners to explore further afield than the latest fashionable anchorage, Fraser and Triton Submarines have announced the sale of two new 1000m Triton 3300/3 Submersibles. The submersibles are the sixth and seventh deliveries of this hull model from Triton’s Florida-based manufacturing facility, and the fifth and [...]

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The Origin of a Species If Darwin is to be believed it took millennia for creatures to complete the transference from sea to land and, in truth, the evolution in variety of modes of transport for the movement of guests between yacht and terra firma has moved at a similarly glacial pace. That is, until [...]

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